White Paper: Overcoming the Limitations of Autoresponder-Based Systems

September 9, 2015

AI is changing the way auto dealerships work Internet leads

Internet business development teams spend a lot of time trying to contact with leads. More than lead quantity, dealership sales teams need better lead quality.

An AI sales assistant fosters real conversations to automate the laborious task of making contact, nurturing and qualifying leads – to discover your most qualified sales opportunities.

"Conversica lets dealership sales teams focus on closing deals with qualified buyers who intend to purchase."

In this white paper, you'll learn:

  • The differences between autoresponder systems and Conversica's AI technology
  • How to find the leads that are ready to buy now
  • Email conversations between Conversica and leads
  • Competitive advantages you could gain
  • Benefits to each stakeholder in the sales process 
  • How Conversica enhances autoresponder technology and demand generation systems
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