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Data Sheet Education Follow-up with Active Potential Applicants and Re-Engage Inactive Potential Applicants Engaging prospective students takes time, effort and close monitoring. This is just not possible for the typical enrollment team if there are hundreds or thousands of prospective student inquiries. Not surprisingly, some good candidates get dropped. Now you can leave early contact to Conversica ® , freeing your enrollment team to work with the prospective students. The typical enrollment officer may send a handful of emails and place a few phone calls to a prospective student before giving up. In contrast, Conversica starts engaging candidates via email within minutes of inquiry and continues to engage and nurture until Conversica generates an enrollment opportunity or the student opts out – which could be in one day, four months or even a year. How? A virtual assistant, powered by artificial intelligence, engages potential students with natural, two-way email conversations. Using simple messages that elicit genuine responses, Conversica interprets replies and uncovers important details, such as level of interest, the best number to call and enrollment timeframe. Best of all, Conversica bridges the gap between recruiting and enrollment by improving the interest level of prospective students, so you can focus on students who are serious about enrolling. Admissions AI Assistant Personally Engages Prospective Students to Drive Enrollment Conversica's AI-Powered Admissions Assistant for higher education personalizes your communications with applicants to accelerate your best leads • Facilitates one-on-one personal email conversations with each prospective student • Interprets every email response from a prospective student and automatically alerts an enrollment officer the minute interest changes to intent • Provides metrics on student follow-up and response rates, so you can be sure every prospective student is receiving personal attention Reengage potential students: Students – especially non-traditional students – drop out of the funnel for all kinds of reasons. Institutions must stay top of mind and find ways to engage them personally. Accelerate your best leads: Inquiry, application, enrollment – all important milestones. But making a personal connection to advance each lead (before they go elsewhere!) is expensive. Institutions must master digital efficiency. Be more effective at cross selling: With thousands of programs available, the average student may not know their best fit. Using the right cues to intelligently suggest other opportunities can make all the difference.

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