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Data Sheet AI Customer Success Assistant Keep your customers connected and engaged with our Conversica ® AI Customer Success Assistant. Customers who are not fully onboarded or maximizing their use of your product are on their way toward churn. You can ensure your customers are successful in using your product by implementing AI into your Customer Success and Account Management operations. The Conversica AI Customer Success Assistant will help you scale your Customer Success or Account Management team, and will ensure that more of your customers are productive and happy with their experience using your product. Our AI-powered Customer Success Assistant integrates easily with your existing tech stack including Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, Oracle, HubSpot and more. How? A virtual assistant, powered by artificial intelligence, engages customers with natural, two-way email conversations. Using relevant messages that elicit genuine responses, Conversica interprets replies and uncovers important details, such as progress in the onboarding journey, customer health, interest to attend activities such as a Quarterly Business Review (QBR), propensity to renew, and overall customer satisfaction. Best of all, Conversica helps you immediately scale your team and engage your customers, using the same technology you already have integrated. We connect you with your customers so they stay loyal and ready for upgrades. Quickly scale your Customer Success operations with the Conversica AI Customer Success Assistant What • An AI Customer Success Assistant who engages existing customers via personalized, two-way conversations to reduce costs, while increasing retention and upsell opportunities How • The Conversica AI Customer Success Assistant initiates contact, intelligently interprets replies, and crafts tailored responses to engage your customers at scale • Closes the loop by providing metrics on customer follow-up and response rates, so you can ensure every customer is receiving personal attention Why • Increases the number of customers cared for by your existing customer success team • Allows customer success managers to focus on high-value customers • Cares for each customer as an individual, developing a personal relationship with each one • Delivers unique insights into the effectiveness of your customer success team • Serves your tech-touch customers via automated yet authentic communications

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