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This folder contains all of our collateral and infographics that we use at tradeshows and distribute online.

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Data Sheet Virtual Sales Assistant AI-driven lead engagement software. Only from Conversica ® Engaging leads takes time, effort and close monitoring. But that's just not possible for the typical sales team when there are hundreds or thousands of leads to work. Not surprisingly, good opportunities get dropped. Now you can leave first contact to Conversica ® , freeing your sales reps to close deals. The typical sales rep may send a handful of emails and place a few phone calls to a lead before giving up. In contrast, Conversica can start engaging leads via email within minutes and continues to engage and nurture until the lead converts into an opportunity or the lead opts out – which could be in one day, a few months or even a year. With artificial intelligence, Conversica delivers valuable information to marketing and sales. With details from the AI conversation, your sales reps will be better prepared to contact each lead when, where and how that person prefers. Conversica's lead engagement software ensures your company's response to every inbound lead is unique and natural. Best of all, Conversica always engages, always responds and always ensures your sales team has followed up. With an automated sales assistant you'll get more value out of all your marketing and sales automation tools. You'll find that Conversica increases efficiency by identifying when a lead decides to take action and intends to make a purchase. Best of all, Conversica bridges the gap between marketing, inside sales and sales by improving the quality of leads handed off to sales reps so they can focus on selling and closing opportunities. The fastest, easiest way to engage and qualify leads What • Automated sales assistant software that automatically contacts, engages and qualifies all your inbound leads via two-way email messaging with artificial intelligence How • Initiates and manages personal one-to-one email conversations with all of your inbound leads • Interprets email replies from leads and automatically alerts you the minute the lead demonstrates intent to buy • Reports on lead follow-up and response and details of every conversation, so you can be sure no lead is ever dropped Why • Prioritizes leads so you can be more effective • Increases the number of leads each sales rep can manage • Significantly improves the quality of leads assigned to sales reps so they can focus on selling and closing buyers • Deepens the connection with potential customers to help increase brand loyalty • Delivers unique insights into sales team effectiveness

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