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INXPO's Engagement Jumps Exponentially Thanks to Super Assistant "Emily" INXPO's entire business is about connecting people. "We'll help you take your physical conference content and transform it for the online audience," says Angela Ruggeri, Marketing Program Manager at INXPO. "We implement various types of engagement tools within our Event Cloud platform like polling, surveys, testing, social integrations — whatever it takes to get higher engagement from whomever your target audience is. And we look at how they're going to best engage with the content." INXPO's marketing team had a great product but a lead follow-up challenge. "Our sales team simply didn't have enough time to dedicate to all the nurturing we were asking them to do. Following up, they would send a few emails and then stop," she explains. They needed a tool to help them be more efficient and more effective and something that would be able to scale with the growing business. "We were looking for a tool to help us streamline that process and make sure that no lead gets left behind." Conversica ® was that tool. Focusing on Service INXPO is in the business of creating solutions and, more importantly, meeting goals. "A client may say, 'We need to do a webinar.' We're happy to help, but first we focus on the 'why.' What's your end goal? Is it lead generation or are you looking at thought leadership and awareness? Are you looking at trying to grow your pipeline?" Ruggeri says. Keeping their clients' goals at the forefront allows INXPO to create accurate reporting and optimize their services to meet clients' needs. "That's really what our bread and butter is and how we differentiate ourselves — delivering that white-glove customer service." So they were very pleased when they received that same level of service from Conversica. "The whole team, every time we had an implementation question, was always helpful and came back right away with answers." Customer INXPO's Event Cloud ® empowers organizations to leverage video to reach their stakeholders through engaging online events. INXPO makes the business world small again by helping leaders communicate with large audiences through engaging and motivating online events that spur innovation, increase operating efficiency, and drive revenue. Challenge With steady growth in the number of leads being generated by Marketing, INXPO needed a way to better qualify those leads before passing them on to sales executives for follow up. Conversica Solution Conversica's AI Automated Sales Assistant with Unlimited Bandwidth. Conversica Virtual Persona Emily Conversica Assists • Increased engagement from 5% to 28% • Increased year's marketing qualified leads (MQL) by 25% • On track to increase marketing influenced opportunities by 20% "Conversica helped us streamline and scale our follow-up exponentially from what we were doing previously with the tools that we had. Now we're on track to top marketing influenced opportunities by 20 percent." Angela Ruggeri, Marketing Program Manager Technology Case Study

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