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Conversica helps Coolfront Conquer an Avalanche of Inbound Leads Coolfront had a cool challenge – how to successfully follow up on an avalanche of inbound leads. "We were doing a very good job of bringing leads into the company," says Kathryn Morrill, Sales and Marketing Manager at Coolfront. "The problem lay in getting the most value out of them once we had them." Marketing would score leads before passing them to Sales, but the sales team just couldn't keep up. "Inbound leads would come in and be added to the hundreds they'd received last month, so they'd fall behind." Leads were falling through the cracks as overwhelmed sales assistants frantically tried to keep up with inbounds. "They physically didn't have time to contact them, and opportunities were being missed." The Conversica Solution "We were using Pardot for our marketing automation and Salesforce as our CRM tool. So we had a really good base for tracking the leads coming in," she said. But tracking the leads was not synonymous with engaging them. "It wasn't enough. Tasks were being assigned and they were being forgotten about and then the tasks would pile up. Because you get 20 leads in, and maybe you only get in contact with 18. But then every day you're getting new leads. So your list is building and building and building, and then you never get to it." But then Sarah joined the team and changed all of that. Sarah is the third member of the two-person sales team at Coolfront, but the support she offers the business is a little different: Sarah is not an actual person – she's an artificial intelligence sales assistant who reaches out to every single lead on behalf of the sales team, and passes the team only those leads who've expressed interest in talking with them. Now Kathryn can't stop raving about her new sales assistant, Sarah. "Sarah never gets overwhelmed. She works and she never gets tired and she will always enjoy being a lead qualifier, and I can't really ask for more than that." Sarah is one of Kathryn's favorite employees, not only because she's "always in a great mood", but also because Sarah has made managing the three-to-four hundred inbound leads Coolfront receives a month a breeze. Customer Coolfront is the newest innovation to hit the HVAC, plumbing and electrical landscape. This mobile application is a cloud based flat rate pricing system that was designed with the busy contractor in mind. Challenge Finding a way for a small team to sort through an overwhelming number of inbound leads, identify the hottest among them, and follow up. Conversica Solution Conversica's AI Sales Assistant with Unlimited Bandwidth. Conversica Virtual Persona Sarah Conversica Assists • Assisted with generation of over $7,000 in additional orders in only a few months • Eliminated inbound lead backlog that prevented the sales team from engaging leads • Alleviated strain on overburdened sales and marketing team "We were amazed at how quickly it worked for us. It's a no-brainer and allows our sales team to do their job better… it just makes perfect sense." Kathryn Morrill, Sales and Marketing Manager, Coolfront on switching to Conversica's sales assistant Technology Case Study

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