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SecureAuth Implements Conversica ® to Dramatically Increase Marketing's Contribution to Both Pipeline and Revenue SecureAuth enables companies to determine user identities with absolute confidence. For organizations seeking to secure their data, SecureAuth's flexible and adaptive identity and access management platform delivers modern, frictionless, and pain-free authentication for employees, customers, and partners. To help build the business, Lisa Onesto, Director of Digital Marketing at SecureAuth, has created a robust lead generation program over the last two years. The program's multi- pronged approach includes a number of new channels, including third-party webinars, content syndication, sponsorships, PPC, in addition to company-hosted webinars and lead gen through the company's website. To manage the resulting increased flow of leads, Lisa built out industry-focused email nurturing tracks in Pardot, the company's marketing automation system, and added activity-based scoring to understand which prospects were qualified and ready to purchase. Her goal was to nurture and score leads until they reach a minimum threshold and were considered "MQL or Marketing-qualified," making them ready to pass onto the inside sales team for further follow-up. "We ran into two problems: First, leads from our content syndication program tended to be very early stage and went stale even when we tweaked content in the lead nurturing program," says Lisa. "In addition, leads we thought were qualified because they achieved a certain activity-based score were getting kicked back to Marketing because they weren't really engaging with the Inside Sales Reps (ISRs), who couldn't get them to take a phone call or respond to their emails." The challenge was finding a way to ensure consistent, continuous qualification and engagement of her leads. The solution came in the form of Samantha, her Conversica automated sales assistant. Samantha acts like a person, but is actually Artificial Intelligence-based software that engages potential customers in natural, two-way human Customer SecureAuth is the leader in adaptive access control solutions, empowering organizations to determine identities with confidence Challenge Pinpoint new prospects who have a propensity to buy as well as re-engage qualified-but-stale leads Conversica Solution Conversica's AI Automated Sales Assistant with Unlimited Bandwidth Conversica Virtual Persona Samantha S. Owens Conversica Assists • Generated $2M in new pipeline in less than 8 months • Created 25 new opportunities worth $1.5M in pipeline from re-engaged prospects • Closed $241K in new business Technology Case Study "Conversica helps us identify a hot lead sooner rather than later. So rather than a prospect getting stuck in our nurturing stream until they hit a certain activity-based score, our virtual assistant can quickly tell us exactly who is more interested, just by their responses." Lisa Onesto Director of Digital Marketing, SecureAuth

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