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Artificial Intelligence Delivers 10X ROI in Sales Pipeline for ScaleArc Enterprise software provider ScaleArc faces double the challenge in building brand recognition. The startup is pioneering an emerging software category, database load balancing software, that dramatically improves uptime and performance of apps hitting a database. As a result, the company is defining both a new brand and a new software category. To reach a broad set of constituents, the company leverages a comprehensive range of outbound marketing programs, including events, PR, content syndication, and e-mail nurture and partner campaigns. The company has created significant interest and market traction, and these programs generate a large number of contacts and inbound leads every month. These marketing-generated leads typically need multiple "touches" to drive further awareness of ScaleArc and to become better educated on the context of and need for the company's solution. Because ScaleArc is pioneering a new category and serving IT buyers in the crowded tech market, customer prospects require a lot of touches to move them through the sales cycle. Conversica: Preventing Valuable Leads from 'Falling on the Floor' Given the need to drive education and awareness to build the sales funnel, ScaleArc wanted to augment the outreach beyond what their Business Development Reps (BDRs) could personally provide – the company didn't want its "cooler" leads to "fall on the floor" from lack of follow-up. ScaleArc's Director of Demand Generation had previously experienced Conversica's AI-driven sales assistant technology at another firm and recommended Conversica to VP of Marketing Michelle McLean as a way to scale the volume of leads the company could nurture. ScaleArc then reviewed the Conversica solution and developed a plan to integrate it with their Marketo marketing automation platform and Salesforce Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system. Customer ScaleArc's database load balancing software enables consumer-grade apps – that is, apps that are never down, always fast, and scale anywhere. ScaleArc unlocks the power of modern databases without writing a single line of code and helps organizations of all sizes increase revenue and save money by eliminating downtime, increasing performance, and avoiding wasteful application recoding Challenge Contacting more customers than "humanly possible" to service a large number of inbound leads Conversica Solution Conversica's AI Automated Sales Assistant Conversica Virtual Persona Jessica Conversica Assists • 2,500+ sales leads per month contacted • 10X sales pipeline return on investment (ROI) • 30X influencer pipeline ROI • More productive Business Development Reps (BDRs) "We can have slightly tailored outreach to a volume of people that we couldn't reach out to otherwise." Michelle McLean VP of Marketing, ScaleArc Technology Case Study

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