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So the company arranged a 30-day trial as a low-cost, low-risk way to determine if Conversica would fit the bill. "Once the team was able to differentiate Conversica from Marketo and understand that it truly is using AI-powered conversations to contact, engage, and qualify leads, there was no question at all that Conversica would be great for Talend." And thus was born their new AI automated sales assistant, which they named Allison Bell. Talend's 30-day trial involved 500 leads to see how they would react to Allison and progress through the funnel. "We thought that people would know it's a bot – but the technology is seamless. After the trial, all those initial fears went away, as not a single person questioned whether Allison Bell was real or not," Adam notes. Out of the 500 leads that were put to test during the trial, Allison delivered a 17% engagement rate. Adam recalls, "Once we saw such a high engagement rate for just a trial, our tune completely changed, and mine specifically, as I was initially the greatest protestor of this technology!" Obviously not everyone Allison engaged progressed through the funnel. "But once the results of the trial came in, we realized that the leads who didn't progress or were negatively engaged were far eclipsed by the opportunities produced and pipeline created by the Conversica trial." Complementing the sales team and its tools Adam said it didn't take long for them to recognize Allison's amazing contributions. "All the lower-tiered leads that were previously left untouched could now be maximized," he says. "Moreover, we realized that Allison actually complements our marketing automation solution, rather than competing with it." In fact, Conversica augmented their environment so well that they were able to easily fit the platform into its existing sales organization. "Our team is split into pods, with an Account Executive (AE), Sales Development Representative (SDR), and a Corporate Sales Representative (CSR) in each pod. Our predictive tool first ranks our leads as As, Bs, and Cs, and then we direct members of the pod to ensure we are maximizing engagement with our leads and empowering our salespeople with the most effective sales approach." AI-powered nurturing leads to serious incremental revenue Adam then added what he calls a "re-engagement campaign," wherein he funneled all As and Bs that had been untouched for more than 30 days and had dropped down to the C tier because they were not able to be reached to Allison. "It was hard to justify spending a person's time on a C-ranked lead that had a low probability of converting, but it's a no-brainer to have an AI attempt to engage them, since we already saw the positive results of this strategy through our trial." With serious incremental revenue on the line, being able to engage every single one of its leads was very important. Adam notes that those engagements surfaced 890 hot leads, creating almost $10 million in pipeline opportunities and nearly $1 million in bookings! "We're using Conversica globally and seeing good results worldwide," Adam notes. An indispensable salesperson who never sleeps Talend's sales team has started to see Allison as another team member, but one with superpowers since she never sleeps, never has a bad day, and never gets sad. So, Allison has now been promoted to permanent employee status. "Allison is handling real volume for us now. Over the last year, we handed 21,000 leads over to Conversica, and we were amazed to see an engagement rate of 31 percent. We were able to leverage Conversica to surface the hot leads out of a pool of leads that our reps typically wouldn't have touched. In this way, we think of Conversica as a fully-fledged member of our Sales pod, because Allison handles all of our C-ranked leads now." When presented with so many solutions, it can be difficult for any team to settle on solutions quickly and seamlessly. But Adam made sure that the team stayed on their main mission – to find effective solutions that won't compromise the experience prospective customers have with Talend's brand. "Initially I thought Marketo was similar, but I don't think we saw any other solutions that incorporated email lead nurturing with artificial intelligence. Once we got deeper into the product and were able to put her to the test, Conversica, or rather – Allison Bell – has proved to be an incredibly effective contributor to the re-engagement and conversion of our leads. She represents the company so well that we all see her as indispensable to the sales team!" For more information See for yourself how Conversica is revolution izing sales conversion management. To learn more call +1 (888) 778 1004, email or visit to set up a product demonstration. About Conversica Conversica is the only provider of lead management software for marketing and sales organizations that leverages artificial intelligence. Presented as a customized online persona, Conversica engages and nurtures leads through natural email exchanges until the lead converts into an opportunity or opts out. Conversica has engaged in millions of human-like conversations on behalf of thousands of sales representatives. © 2017 Conversica, Inc. All rights reserved. v.011817 Technology Case Study To learn more, visit and follow us on LinkedIn, Facebook, Google+, YouTube, and @myconversica on Twitter.

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