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2017 Sales Effectiveness Report

This folder contains all of our collateral and infographics that we use at tradeshows and distribute online.

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2017 Sales Effec veness Report: Lead Follow-Up 2 How companies follow up with inbound leads can dras cally impact their sales funnel and ability to convert prospects into customers. For this third annual Sales Effec veness report, we take a first-hand look into how companies engage their leads, and contrast these results with their performance in previous years. We also compare best-prac ces research with real-world execu on to iden fy pa erns of successful lead engagement. Conversica commissioned independent researchers to secret shop 866 companies and evaluate their lead response efforts, using four key elements of lead engagement as metrics for success. We call these the 4 Ps of sales effec veness: • Promptness: How quickly does a company follow up on an inquiry with a personalized response? • Personaliza on: To what extent is the response personalized? Does the response provide an opportunity to keep the dialogue going? • Persistence: How many a empts does the company make to follow up with the lead? • Performance: What is the likelihood of the follow-up email landing in the lead's inbox (rather than the spam folder)? The findings from this report can help you understand where your company stands rela ve to others in your industry, which factors are strong predictors of success or failure, and what steps you can take to align your sales team with best prac ces. Your inbound leads are an expensive resource, and crucial to the success of your organiza on. We hope this report will help you discover ways to op mally leverage them. Introduc on What is an inbound lead? An inbound lead is a prospect who ini ates contact with your business via website, social media, or phone. A lead may express interest in your company's products or services and provide their contact informa on by: • Downloading content from your website • Subscribing to your blog • Comple ng a web form or "Contact Us" request • Registering for an online or live event • Calling, emailing, or cha ng directly with your business

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