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2017 Sales Effectiveness Infographic

This folder contains all of our collateral and infographics that we use at tradeshows and distribute online.

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Auto Sales Auto Service Technology Educažon Telecom Manufacturing Real Estate Mortgage Insurance Media/Publishing HR/Recruižng 0% 25% 50% 75% 100% 37% 93% 80% 56% 73% 37% 52% 56% 40% 61% 62% 69% 54% % of companies that followed up on leads Ad/Markežng Brokerage/Invest.. 2017 State of Lead Follow-Up SALES EFFECTIVENESS REPORT For the third year in a row, Conversica commissioned a study to track and evaluate inbound lead follow-up efforts. Secret shoppers visited websites of more than 800 B2B and B2C companies and requested to be contacted. 866 U.S. COMPANIES ACROSS 13 INDUSTRIES 3 MONTHS OF DATA COLLECTED Most Companies Undertouch Leads Responded 866 companies contacted 540 companies responded 62 % Did not respond 38 % Mulžple a‚empts Gave up a[er 1 or 2 a‚empts 37 % 63 % Which industry scored the best? Read the full 2017 Sales Effec veness Report at Be the first responder Respond to an inquiry as soon as it comes in. A hot lead today can be cold tomorrow. Try and try again Make more a empts to contact your lead. 1-2 a empts is not enough to even qualify a lead. Get personal Increase number of personalized elements in your follow-up for a higher engagement rate. Keep it short and simple Follow up on an inbound lead with a short, relevant message. How do most companies score on the 4P's of sales effec veness? Steps to Improve Lead Follow-Up Lead Follow-Up Report Card PERSONALIZATION To what extent is the follow-up response tailored to the individual? In 2017, companies showed significant improvement personalizing email responses. More businesses are recognizing the value of following up on inquiries with relevant, tailored informa on. How many contact a empts does a company make to reach the lead? 2/3 of companies gave up a er 1 or 2 a empts to reach the lead. This goes against standard industry prac ce to contact the lead 5-8 mes. PERSISTENCE 2017 Average Company Result Recommended Ac on Make 10 contact a empts 3 contact a empts Respond in 13 minutes or less 25 hours to respond Increase email deliverability to 91% 80% email deliverability rate 1 2 3 4 A D How quickly does the lead receive a response a er making an inquiry? Only 13% of companies responded within the first 5 minutes, with the majority of companies responding in a day. PROMPTNESS C PERFORMANCE What's the likelihood of the email response landing in the lead's inbox? The majority of companies performed worse in 2017 for email deliverability when compared to 2016. Advanced spam filters have made it increasingly difficult for emails to get in the lead's inbox. B Add 4+ personaliza on elements 4 personaliza on elements

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