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Your Tradeshow or Campaign Generated a Ton of Leads

This folder contains all of our collateral and infographics that we use at tradeshows and distribute online.

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Data Sheet Lead Engagement At most companies, your inbound leads come in cycles. A successful tradeshow, webinar or marketing campaign may generate hundreds or even thousands of leads at once, overwhelming your sales reps. But how do they know which leads to chase first? There is no good way to tell if that lead who came to your tradeshow booth was really interested in your product or was just trying to win the drawing for a free tablet. As a result, sales reps often cherry pick leads for follow-up based on company size, industry of just their gut instincts. And while they invest time endlessly chasing what they hope are good leads, the bulk of the leads grow stale. Perhaps you already use marketing automation tools such as Marketo or Pardot, along with a customer relationship management (CRM) system such as Salesforce. You may nurture these leads with drip campaigns and may even use lead scoring to gauge when to hand off leads. But this is where things begin to fall apart. You've done all this great work generating leads, yet sales doesn't gain much traction and reps complain the leads are no good. Here's why: • Lead scoring doesn't reveal purchase intent – A lead may have clicked on an email link or downloaded documents from your website, but the lead score assigned by Pardot, Marketo or another marketing automation tool still doesn't tell if you've found a real buyer. Is the person that downloaded five white papers a hot lead or just a graduate student doing research? • Don't call me – 90 percent of buyers want to decide when to engage a company, 1 and 82 percent of customers want to know more about you before connecting. 2 Almost all of them prefer to connect with your company on their own terms. Are the only responses available to you automatic emails and personal sales calls? Isn't there something in between? • Never enough sales resources – Most leads never get reached by a sales rep. Congratulations! Your tradeshow or campaign generated a ton of leads. Now what? Why you need Conversica • Reach out to every single lead right away, regardless of lead volume • Continually follow-up with every single lead, with as many touches as it takes to get to yes or no • Eliminate the guesswork of determining lead intent • Automate the time-consuming and manual process of contacting and qualifying leads • Find the hot leads faster, get more at-bats and close more deals, more quickly • Let leads tell you what they want What it is • Virtual sales assistant software that automatically contacts and engages all your leads via two-way email conversations How it works • Initiates and manages personal one-to-one email conversations with all of your leads • Interprets email replies from leads and automatically alerts a sales rep the minute the lead demonstrates intent to buy • Stops messaging leads when they say no thanks • Shows lead follow-up and response and details of every conversation, so you can be sure no lead is ever dropped You can track lead status, engagement and conversion rates, and other metrics through Conversica's stand-alone dashboard, or from within Salesforce or any other CRM system. 1. Blitzer, Adam. "Demand Generation: Why You Can't Overlook Stage-Based Marketing." SalesForce. 11 Dec. 2013. 2. Stokes, Tracy. "Consumers Embrace Digital On Their Path To Purchase, But Online Still Trumps Mobile." Forrester Research. 27 Aug. 2012.

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