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This folder contains all of our collateral and infographics that we use at tradeshows and distribute online.

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Data Sheet Technology Using Conversica ® with Marketo Conversica brings a powerful human dimension to marketing automation. Rather than relying on guesswork and predictions, Conversica ® identifies the best leads by asking them – and they answer. Marketo and Conversica integrate to allow your AI-powered assistant to converse with each of your marketing leads, engaging and qualifying leads via natural, two-way email or SMS text conversations. Conversica sends simple messages to leads that elicit genuine responses. Conversica then interprets context and tone, and takes the next step. Imagine receiving a message like this: "I saw you stopped by our booth at ExpoCon. Would you like any more information? I can have you talk with with Mike in sales." The lead responds, and the automated assistant continues the conversation. The lead reveals level of interest, contact phone number, best time to call and details about the purchasing decision. Get objective lead qualification with no human intervention Because lead engagement is totally automated yet fully personalized, you can touch every single inbound lead, right at the top of your funnel. Those who are ready for a sales conversation get routed quickly for follow-up, while those who want to learn more are perfect candidates for Marketo nurturing programs. Sales loves the hot leads, especially since they include updated contact information and a good time to call. Which leads are ready for sales? Just ask with Conversica. Seamlessly integrated with Marketo What • A virtual assistant manages personal, two-way email and SMS text dialogues using artificial intelligence to qualify leads and alert sales How • Determine a lead's readiness for sales by asking questions about product interest and intent to buy • Add leads to Marketo lists and the AI platform manages the conversations • Automatically update status of lead engagement and conversations in real time in Marketo Why • Brings a powerful human dimension to marketing automation • Leads share more information and convert at a higher rate into sales opportunities • Sends hot lead alerts to sales after identifying interest • Provides higher quality leads to sales

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