Sales Effectiveness Assessment: Lead Follow-Up

January 15, 2016

There is a ton of research on how to best manage inbound leads. But how many companies effectively put these best practices into action?  What's your lead follow-up process like? Fill out the short form on this page to find out! 

Conversica tested over 800 companies across thirteen industries to see how well they did in four key factors of sales effectiveness: 

Promptness: You need to be fast if you want to be first 
Persistence: One or two tries are rarely enough 
Personalization: Prospects want conversation, not promotion
Performance: An email snagged in the spam filter looks like a non-response to a lead

Using a secret shopper, we tracked their responses for 22 days. The results were astounding.

Want to see how effective your company is when it comes to these 4 metrics? Fill out the short form on this page to receive a FREE lead follow-up assessment and get graded on your lead follow-up performance!*

*Please note that this is a 30 day assessment - you will be added to the next batch of evaluations.