2017 Sales Effectiveness Report - Auto Edition

March 12, 2018

Lead follow-up can have a drastic impact on your sales funnel and ability to convert prospects into customers. This report provides an objective analysis of how well dealerships within the automotive industry follow up on their sales and service leads. We will examine how auto sales and auto service departments responded, how those responses contrast with other industries, and how this year’s results compare with those from previous years.

Conversica commissioned independent researchers to make direct, specific inquiries at 866 different companies, 124 (14%) of which were in the automotive industry. Their lead response efforts were then evaluated using four key metrics referred to as the 4Ps of sales effectiveness: 

• Promptness: How quickly does a company follow up on an inquiry with a response?

• Personalization: To what extent is the response personalized? Does the response provide an opportunity to keep the dialogue going? 

• Persistence: How many attempts does the company make to follow up with the lead? 

• Performance: What is the likelihood of the follow-up email landing in the lead’s inbox (rather than the spam folder)? 

Download the full report to learn how your dealership can improve lead follow-up in your sales and service departments. 

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